Master feels stifled Chapter 2.2

After finding the mountain valley where Yue Lao Hong resided, I entered, only to see Qian Zhi hugging the demoness from the back. They were intimately categorizing medicinal herbs together.

Dumbfounded, I immediately halted at the doorstep.

This setting was just too far from what I had imagined.
I thought Qian Zhi would be brewing and making medicine like a slave.

Qian Zhi was also stunned to see me.
Immediately, tears started to fall from his eyes.

Bawling, he said: “Master! I was not filial, causing you to be injured! Whether you want to hit me or scold me, this disciple will gladly accept!”

I had not even reacted, when Yue Lao Hong hugged Qian Zhi, softly saying:

” What are you crying for, hasn’t she woken up now? Don’t be sad anymore, my heart aches already.”

I felt as though I had been struck by thunder:

“What………….is this situation?”

Yue Lao Hong glanced at me:

”Your first disciple came to me to beg for medicine, it seems like he truly loves you. I had originally planned on following my conventional rule of accepting his life in exchange for the medicine, but then Qian Zhi came. We fell deeply in love. I didn’t need your first disciple’s life anymore, having Qian Zhi stay here is even better.”

Her explanation made me feel very short of breath.

I looked at her and then looked at Qian Zhi:” She is telling the truth?”

I had thought that Qian Zhi had sacrificed himself for saving Qian Gu, so I didn’t expect him to actually blush and nod his head bashfully.

I…………………. my head began to pound.

My talented first disciple disgracefully fell in love with his master and my bright second disciple disgracefully fell in love with a demoness.

I really didn’t know whether my eye for choosing people or my educational method was the problem.

But no matter what, I couldn’t let Qian Zhi remain here.

A demon’s heart is very instable; one moment they would harbour deep affection for you, another moment they would be ripping out your throat. On top of that Yue Hong Lao had, for refining medicine, slaughtered so many people. She had profound evil tendencies and too much of an influence on Qian Zhi, whose temperament was already unstable. If they remained together for a prolonged amount of time, it was hard to say that he wouldn’t join the Mo Dao.

(魔道 = witchcraft, sorcery, evil way of cultivation)

For Qian Zhi’s own good I had to take him back to Kong Ling.

“I can’t let Qian Zhi stay here.”

Yue Lao Hong looked up at me.
Her once mild facial expression turned sinister:

“Then you will have to leave your corpse here!”

Her fingers turned into claws and she rushed towards me. Qian Zhi didn’t even have time to register what happened.

Demons were like this, I was already prepared. I raised my sword to block her strike, the earth shook and she fell back three meters. Then I grabbed Qian Zhi’s lapel and turned to leave with him.
Yue Hong Lao couldn’t keep up with my celestial sword’s speed and fell back.

After coming back to Kong Ling, Qian Zhi pulled the hem of my gown and indignantly demanded:

”Master, why did you do this!”

I angrily replied:” Want to rebell! Pledging yourself to a demoness and even daring to question your Master! Go into Ling Xu cave to ponder your errors in seclusion! Not allowed to come out within three months!”

Qian Zhi clenched his teeth, but still did as told and went into the cave.

Using this method, I finished dealing with this matter.

Suddenly, a fellow junior sect member came running up the mountain:

”Honoured Immortal! Honoured Immortal!”

Crying, she yelled:

”Quickly go save Great Ancestor Qian Gu! He will soon be beaten to death by the Great Senior Ancestors!”

I looked up to the sky.

One, two.

They all just wouldn’t stop for a moment and give me some time to rest.

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