Master feels stifled Chapter 3.1

Qian Gu being held captive was due to the vast energy I had left behind when I left Kong Ling on my celestial sword. It let all thirty thousand sect disciples become aware that I had already woken up.
And as to how I had woken up, if the fellow sect members used their brains a little, they would have been able to put two and two together.

I could have known that they would come to question Qian Gu about it, but I wouldn’t have guessed that those junior disciples would capture him.
And that Qian Gu would willingly let himself be taken to suffer nine times nine lashes from the Biting-Spirit whip.

Eighty-one flogs, let alone Qian Gu, even I would not be able to endure.

So I hurried to the punishment hall.

In front of the hall stood numerous disciples watching the scene, but inside, not a single peep could be heard, except the ear-splitting sounds of the whip landing on Qian Gu’s back.

“Stay your hand.”

I stepped through the path the disciples had opened up for me.

Usually, I rarely meddled in Kong Ling sects’ affairs and many junior disciples had never even seen my face before. So, although at that moment they should all have been respectfully lowering their heads, one or two were still gaping at me with open eyes. Among those junior disciples not few were already looking like elderly members with flowing white hair.

The white-bearded elder holding the whip immediately stopped. He was the youngest disciple of my last Junior Brother. In the sect he already counted as an Elder.

I walked onto the altar and took the Biting-Spirit whip from the old fellow.

The old man totteringly came beside me:
”Honoured Immortal, Senior Apprentice Qian Gu has violated Kong Ling sect’s rules, he cannot be spared from these eighty-one whips. Else, what will happen to our sect rules…”

Other members seconded his opinion.

Qian Gu, who was suspended on the altar, turned his head to look at me. His face was deathly pale, in his eyes for some reason I could detect hopeless despair.

“A thousand years ago I laid down Kong Ling sect’s strict rules myself. I naturally will not be biased.”

Whipping the lash in my hand, lightning flashed and three strikes landed on Qian Gu’s back.

Torn skin and gaping flesh could be seen, blood continuously flowing down.

Qian Gu, who previously had endured and not even uttered one sound, could be heard painfully exhaling.

Fellow junior members gasped, some even turned their heads and closed their eyes.

“Only, this is my disciple. It is not right for you to beat him. It is my duty to personally discipline him.”

Nobody spoke.

“These three lashes I inflicted on you as your Master to punish you for your disgraceful crime. You tell me, suffering these hits, are you willing or not?”

Qian Gu’s breathing was extremely weak, but he still nodded.

A kid that I had raised myself, whom I had promised to cherish and treasure – to see him like this, my heart immediately softened. I couldn’t bring myself to use the whip anymore, letting it fall to the ground.

“Since childhood you have been my disciple, but you have developed improper thoughts. I cannot continue to teach you cultivation anymore. After today’s three lashes, you are not Kong Ling sect’s disciple anymore, you are also not my disciple anymore. From now on, look out for yourself well.”

This outcome was within everyone’s expectations.

But Qian Gu was unable to accept it, he struggled to look at me:

”Master, this disciple is willing to suffer the eighty-one lashes, begging Master not to chase me out!”

This blockheaded kid, everyone knew that eighty-one hits would kill him.

Me, chasing him out, was to spare his life.

He wouldn’t quietly leave and instead demanded me to let him stay, truly…….. he didn’t use his brain.

I waved my hand and opened the steel shackles bounding his hands together.

He fell onto the ground, struggling to crawl to me:

”Begging Master…..…. don’t chase this disciple….…. away………”

I inhaled deeply, turned my head and looked him in the eyes:

“Carry him outside the mountain’s gate. From now on, he is not allowed to take one step into Kong Ling sect.”

Qian Gu was forcefully bound up by the other disciples. He struggled with all his might and continued to call for me, shouting himself hoarse: ”Master”
Thick blood dyed the entire Bai Yu road red.

The hall became extremely quiet.

I coughed once. Having had to handle so many things after waking up, my temples hurt:

”Scatter, everyone go cultivate by yourselves.”

I returned to Kong Ling peak.

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