Master feels stifled Chapter 3.2

Sitting inside my deserted palace hall, my head hurt massively, but I somehow just didn’t want to lie down on my bed.
I looked outside the window.

It seemed as if I could see a young Qian Gu practicing his sword. His movements, although still quite unskilled, already generated faint celestial energy.

I shook my head and turned to look at the inkstone on the table.

I saw a ten or so years old Qian Gu sitting opposite me, using his brush to copy from a book. He raised his head to smile at me:

”Master, you slept longer than it would take me to transcribe two hundred scriptures.”

Candle flames flickering, his face was clear yet fuzzy.

I couldn’t continue sitting inside anymore, so I went out and saw the alcohol pond.

I remembered dozing off that day, feeling that faintly warm touch at the side of my lips and hearing him huskily murmuring “Master, Master” next to my ear. It sounded as if he had secretly eaten the world’s most precious thing, feeling satisfied but also a bit guilty.

I covered my face, sighing deeply.

In the end I performed a concealing technique, quietly left Kong Ling peak and sought out the place Qian Gu was banished to.
He was thrown onto a pile of stones, river water running along his body, washing away the fresh blood.
I carried him out and put him in a cave nearby.

During the night Qian Gu began to run a high fever, always dazedly mumbling something. After being struck by the Biting-spirit whip it was hard not to suffer great injuries in one’s primordial spirit.
I didn’t have any medicine by hand, so I could only use my celestial energy to strongly suppress his churning blood energy.

This lasted three whole days and nights. His head resting on my knees, his sweat soaking through my clothes.

On the fourth morning, his breath finally slowly steadied again. I withdrew my celestial energy, gave him a stone to rest his head on, rubbed my already numb legs and left the cave.

Before leaving, I still looked back one time. Qian Gu lay on the floor and weakly opened his eyes only to close them and become unconscious again.

At that time, I really thought Qian Gu had walked out of my life forever, never to appear again.

Three months later, Qian Zhi came out of Kong Ling cave. He couldn’t find Qian Gu. After asking around he became aware of the matter of me flogging and driving Qian Gu out of the sect.
Although Qian Zhi got beaten a lot by his Senior Brother, to him Qian Gu still seemed more like his master compared to me, who gave him hundred years of cultivation only to never really concern myself with him afterwards.

Qian Zhi with his fiery temper, wasn’t able to hold back and loudly criticised me:

”Senior Brother was ready to risk his life to get medicine for Master. Knowing he would be held in contempt afterwards, he still saved Master. But Master, after waking up, this is how you would treat Senior Brother!”

I silently drank my tea.

Qian Zhi gnashed his teeth and looked at me:

”I thought after Master realized Senior Brother’s intentions, you would reprimand him for his loss of conduct, but not rashly punish him. But Qian Zhi has misjudged Master.”

Finished speaking, he turned to leave.

“Where are you going?” I put down my tea cup.

“Cultivators are so cold and ruthless, I don’t want to cultivate anymore. I will go look for Xiao Hong and wander Jiang Hu with her. We will live happily and free from worries.”

(Xiao Hong 小红 = Little Hong = Yue Lao Hong 月老红)

“Come back.”

Qian Zhi didn’t respond.

I furrowed my brows, raised my hand and a barrier appeared in front of him.

Who would have thought Qian Zhi would also raise his hand and use a puff of celestial energy to break through the barrier.

Using my technique, using the hand gestures I had taught him, sparing no effort to break through my barrier and get onto his celestial sword.

I hit the table:” This brat!”

Swiftly, I leapt right in front of Qian Zhi.
His hand began to emit rays of light.

I coldly laughed.

”Good, you want to strike at Master.”

I swang my hand to box his ear, Qian Zhi raised his hand to block.

I had already made up my mind to beat him, so how could he be able to block me?

One slap easily landed on his head, making him dizzy and disoriented. Then I grabbed his ear, personally sending him back to Kong Ling cave and locking him up.

“The disciples I accepted, to keep or not to keep is my decision. It’s not your turn to decide whether you will leave or stay. You reflect on yourself in there. If you don’t admit your wrongs then don’t even think about coming out.”

“I am not wrong!”

Qian Zhi shouted behind me.

“I am not wrong; Senior Brother is also not wrong! It is Master you, who is wrong! You are wrong!”

I ignored him and left Kong Ling cave.

Half a month later, a junior disciple came to inform me that something big had happened.

I hurried to the hall only to learn that Yue Lao Hong had dragged my former disciple; Qian Gu, into Mo Dao………………

(Mo Dao 魔道 = sorcery, witchcraft, evil way of cultivation)

I rubbed my chest, really……………. feel so stifled.

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