Master feels stifled Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Qian Gu being made the dark lord by the common people, actually he didn’t really do anything. Because his magic powers increased so much in such a short time, it caused the worlds miasma to grow and the evil monsters to go on a rampage. The people began to give him the name of dark lord.

After getting his title, his former Master, me, also came to be on the list of names heatedly discussed by the Jiang Hu.
The first celestial since thousands of years to have educated the first dark lord since thousands of years.
Sounded funny no matter how you thought about it.

But this gossip didn’t interfere with my life. I only heard it from time to time when going down the mountain.

Recently, Qian Ling had been going to Ling Xu cave more frequently. I had my doubts, but I still chose to believe in Qian Lings character.
Until one day, when Qian Ling urgently came to tell me:

”Master, Second Senior Brother has admitted his wrongs! Quickly go and let him out!”

That little brat who had been obstinate for more than ten years has admitted his wrongs?

I raised my eyebrows and followed Qian Ling to Ling Xu cave.

Qian Zhi, locked up inside jade and iron bars, was meditating on the ground. Hearing me approaching, he opened his eyes.
After not seeing him for so long, his expression had steadied a lot. His temperament also didn’t seem like before – loud and noisy and impulsive.
Seemed like locking him up had been useful after all.

“Finally ready to admit your wrongs?” I asked.

“Yes, this disciple knows his wrongs.” He replied. “These years this disciple has fully concentrated on cultivating, added with Junior Sister Qian Ling earnestly urging and persuading me, this disciple has finally understood his faults.”

I raised my brows: ”Then tell me what your mistakes are.”

He opened his palms: ”Master, look.”

This place was Kong Ling peak’s Ling Xu cave, it had been my domain for hundreds of years. Under my territory, I naturally didn’t doubt him and casually walked up two steps.
I looked at his palms and suddenly smelled an unusually sweet smell.
I wanted to step back, but my body was unable to move.

“Qian Zhi?” I looked at him with wide eyes.

“Master don’t blame me.” Qian Zhi replied. “I really don’t want to stay here anymore.”

“Qian Ling!” I cried.

“Master don’t blame me.”
She walked in front of me from the back and grabbed the key hanging from my waist. Then she opened the jade and iron bars door for Qian Zhi.

“These few days, after listening to Second Senior Brothers words, I found them to be very reasonable. Kong Ling sect’s rules are too strict. There are evidently a lot of unjust things happening, but it is not possible to act chivalrous. For upholding justice, one will even be punished. After all these years, these things have left a deep impression on Qian Ling. I feel I am not suited for Kong Ling sect. I want to wander about Jiang Hu with Second Senior Brother, live happily and free from worries!”

Hearing this my blood began to boil and I choked up with fury:
“With your current meagre skills, when being beaten outside, don’t tell anyone that you are my disciple!”

“I won’t tell anyone.”

I forced myself to calm down, restrained my feelings and asked:
”Where did you get the drug from?”

These two bastards, although not filial, were still honest with me.
”I listened to Second Senior Brother and went down the mountain to find big sister Yue Lao Hong.” Qian Ling replied. “Bis sister Yue Lao Hong gave it to me.”

“How long do the effects last?”

“I don’t know.”

I clenched my jaw.

Qian Zhi kowtowed to me.
”Master, after spending ten years in seclusion, this disciple has never found himself to be in the wrong. But drugging Master today, this disciple admits to having committed a disgraceful offence.”

Seeing him like this, I suddenly remembered that year and fell silent for a long time. I reluctantly said one sentence:
”If your First Senior Brother was here, you would be dead.”

Qian Zhi nodded: ”I will go tell Senior Brother. For drugging Master, I will ask him for punishment.”

I was shocked: ”Not allowed to go!”

“Master, I know your heart has Senior Brother.” Qian Ling suddenly said. ”That picture, with the scene next to the alcohol pond, I couldn’t bear to burn. I gave it to Second Senior Brother to look at, he told me the man in the picture is First Senior Brother. Master, if you regarded First Senior Brother as a man from your fantasies, why the need to rigidly adhere to these worldly customs. Be with First Senior Brother.”

“Preposterous! Masters matters don’t need other people to interfere!”

“Then I will go tell First Senior Brother.”

“Come back!”

Qian Ling and Qian Zhi’s energy disappeared from there.
I stood before the bars, not able to move. Internally, I felt like I had undergone a huge forest fire.

(She feels drained and exhausted)

I didn’t know how long I stood there like that. So long, that I fell asleep. After waking up I could feel heavy evil energy around me.
I opened my eyes and I saw a person I hadn’t seen for many years quietly standing beside me.

Qian Gu’s appearance hadn’t changed at all.
Only, his temperament had changed a lot compared to before.

“How did you get plotted against by Qian Zhi?” his mature voice indicated how long a time has passed, but he asked this question familiarly, as if he was still copying scriptures by my side yesterday.

I sighed: ”He took me by surprise and even led my little disciple astray.”

Talking of this matter, my heart felt stifled again.

Qian Gu lightly laughed; deep voice like a Guqin’s sound, the vibrations making one’s heartstrings quiver.

(Guqin = Chinese zither, a traditional Chinese instrument)

I didn’t look at him and moved my sight to the jade and iron bars.
“The drug came from Yue Lao Hong. You can help me get the antidote.”

“I have the antidote.”

He said these words, but didn’t make any moves.

Keeping me suspended like this, I knew he wanted me to ask him for it.
But how could I be able to open my mouth to ask him?
Using what status……..

I firmly clenched my jaw.
So many years have passed, this little disciple’s scheming has improved a lot!


Him calling out like this, made my heart tremble again.
Following this sound, the dusty curtains to a memory from a long time ago were reopened – the frightened child, that was pulled out of a monster’s lair by me, whom I taught sword play step by step, who stayed closely by my side during his youth.

I thought I had buried these memories deeply, but who would have thought that him lightly digging would make all the dust and soil resurface.

“Qian Gu, I already am not your Master anymore.”
I reminded him, I reminded myself.

He acted as if he hadn’t heard what I said:
”I came today, only to ask Master three questions. After Master answers them I will give you the antidote.”

He asked: ”That year, after you drove me out, I was thrown onto the heap of stones by the river. I was at death’s door. Is it you who came to save me?”

I didn’t think that he would ask me this question.

“It was me.” I truthfully told him.

I thought his next question would definitely be about why I saved him. I would then tell him: Even a tiger does not eat its own cubs. You are after all a kid I have raised myself.

Qian Gu only smiled and continued to ask:
”These years, Master have you missed me even once?”

This question…….. was really too flirtatious.

“No.” I decisively answered.

Qian Gu smiled again.
”Lastly, I would like to ask Master; guess whether these years I have missed Master?”

This…… this…….. sinful disciple!

“How could I know your thoughts?!” I berated him.
“Three questions have been answered. Quickly give me the antidote.”

Qian Gu lightly put his hand on my cheek, just like that time he left my side to go beg for medicine from Yue Lao Hong.

Fingertips lightly caressing my face.

“Master answered the last question incorrectly.”

He spoke next to my ear: ”Yearning day and night, longing growing every day. These eight words are not even able to describe one thousandth part of this disciple’s feelings.”

I restrained my emotions: ”The questions you wanted me to answer, I’ve answered them all. You should stand by your promise, when you were small……..”
When you were small, this was how I taught you.

This sentence, I didn’t finish. If I finished it, it would only open hidden wounds.

“Since I promised to give Master the antidote, I will definitely hand it over.” Qian Gu replied. “Only, I didn’t say that I would hand it over now.”

I praised him: ”After not seeing you for many years, Qian Gu has learned to act unscrupulously.”

“I am now a person of Mo Dao, acting like this can be understood. Also, Master likes to act unreasonably. As a disciple, I will follow Master’s suit.”

He sat down on the ground and lifted his head to look at me:
”And if I gave you the antidote now, you would immediately run after eating it.”

He said: ”After I have finished looking at you, I will let you leave.”

A sentence that makes one feel a stab in the heart.

“Why would you cling to me?”

“If I knew why, there would be no need to cling.”

Sitting there, he really unblinkingly stared at me. I tried my best to calm myself, but being stared at like this, I couldn’t help but turn a bit red.
As I blushed, he started to lightly chuckle. I flew into a rage from shame and berated him.
Afterwards, my face was not red anymore, but when I calmed down and saw I was still being stared at by him, I blushed again…… the cycle repeated itself.

“Honoured immortal, honoured immortal…..”
Outside of Ling Xu cave the voices of the junior sect members could be heard.

I stiffened and almost subconsciously commanded:
”Qian Gu, leave.”

He didn’t mind, stood up and idly patted the dust off his butt.
”If Masters heart didn’t have me, you would call people to come and catch me, not tell me to leave.”

I fell silent.

He took out some medicinal pills from his sleeves and lightly smiled.

“Master worries about me and has even forgotten about her antidote. A master’s kindness is as tall as a mountain, the debt of gratitude must be repaid.”

While speaking, he ate the pills himself.

I was shocked: “You!”

I couldn’t speak the next words, because Qian Gu had already captured my lips, feeding me the pills.

Inside my mouth, except the taste of medicine, only his breath could be felt.

He didn’t make any further moves, but I was already frozen still.

He left my lips and looked at me in close proximity, eyes flickering.

It was obviously him who had taken advantage of me, but the tips of his ears turned bright red.

I wanted to ask him:
What are you blushing for?!
Weren’t you quite a professional rogue?!
Didn’t you amuse yourself with taking liberties with me?!
Blushing with only one kiss, don’t be so…………


He touched my lips: ”Master, I’ve missed you for a long time.”

“Honoured immortal?”
The disciple’s voices could be hear outside of Ling Xu cave.

Qian Gu lightly smiled while blushing: ”I will come back.”

The warmth from the medicinal pills spread from my stomach to every bone in my body.
I moved a bit, but some parts were still stiff.

The disciples had already come in from outside:
”Honoured immortal, here you are! Just now some disciples said that they felt two energies leaving from Kong Ling peak.”

I turned and nodded: ”That was your Senior sect members Qian Zhi and Qian Ling running away.”

I sighed.

“Seeking shelter in Mo Dao.”

Looking at the disciple’s surprised expressions, I thought, my life’s mission of taking disciples, really was a failure!

I completely……………… was only training future forces for Mo Dao………………………

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  1. I love this story so much so far!! Qian Gu has really become blackened and oh-so cool…I love Qian Ling so much. Poor MC, all her disciples running away, ahaha.

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