Master feels stifled Epilogue

Last Chapter guys! Hope you enjoyed reading this short story as much as I enjoyed translating it!


The world a vast expense of white – I didn’t know when I would finally be able to wake up again.

It felt like the time I had fallen unconscious because of saving Qian Zhi from the demon pond.
I could hear the outside sounds, could feel the outside movement, but I couldn’t open my eyes, couldn’t move my body.

My perception of the outside world was sometimes clear, sometimes hazy.
But no matter when, I felt like I could always hear one voice whispering beside my ear:
“Master, fifty years, you still haven’t slept enough?”

“Master, one hundred years, how long will you make me wait…..”

“Master, three hundred years, the alcohol pond will soon be dried out by the sunlight.”

“Master….. the willow leaves by the pond have flown all over the front courtyard. The sound of me sweeping today, did you hear it…….”

I heard.

I opened my eyes and saw the wood carvings on the bedside. From outside, a gentle breeze blew in.

I turned my head and saw Qian Gu though the window holding a broom to sweep the ground outside.
“Sha-sha” – again and again, like a Buddhist monk absorbed in cultivating through hardship.

So lonely.

We were still at Kong Ling peak, the spell on his body also hadn’t been released yet. The sounds I heard during my dreams were still reverberating in my ears.
Qian Gu ah, Qian Gu.
How many years of pain and suffering did you endure silently to accompany me here?

I moved my fingertips and sat up.
The silhouette sweeping the ground outside seemed to stop moving in a flash.

He turned his head to look and saw me through the window.
I also saw him.
The face that had turned sickly pale because of suppressing great pain for many years.
The face that had turned haggard, as if he hadn’t eaten anything in a long time.
For me, he has suffered a lot.

With difficulty, I tried to curl up my lips in a smile, but failed to do so. I could only use my fingertip to produce a ray of light – after not using any spells for many years it seemed very uncomfortable, but this couldn’t be compared to Qian Gu’s suffering.

Wobbly, the ray of silver light floated in front of Qian Gu without entering his forehead.

I waved at him:

”Qian Gu, come.”

After many years, Jiang Hu’s people would enthusiastically discuss among themselves:

Once, the three great dark lords on these lands were educated by the only celestial on these lands.

Finally, on top of that, this celestial with her first disciple, gave birth to a litter of little dark lords……….

10 thoughts on “Master feels stifled Epilogue

  1. Such a long span he took care for Master, sweet! Thank you for the story, I love it.
    Will you translate the other story of this novel?
    I am looking forward to it 😁

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