Master is sick Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Three hundred years ago was a time where I had not been born yet. I knew absolutely nothing of that era.

I stayed with the big devil at a little town near Cang Lin mountain for a few days. Tried to organize this confusing yet absurd situation and tried to ask around about this era and the things currently happening in Cang Lin sect.

In the end, we were able to confirm a few things,

First, we were probably transported here by the soul mirror’s energy. Big devil said that it also had another name – recalling mirror. No one knew why it had this name, everybody thought it was a mirror with abundant spiritual energy, only good for cultivation. Until I broke it. That’s when big devil finally understood the meaning of its second name.

“Actually, I think this situation cannot be blamed on me…………..”

At the big devil’s cold gaze, I could only close my mouth and remain silent.

Second, if we wanted to return, we needed to find the soul mirror of this era. Even though the mirror in three hundred years was broken by me, the one at this time should still be whole and well.

Third, the soul mirror was currently located at Cang Lin sect, in the hands of Cang Lin sect’s first disciple Mu Xuan.

Hearing the big devil saying the third point, I was dumbfounded: “How do you know? Also…… Mu Xuan this name, sounds quite familiar.”

Big devil looked at me calmly. I suddenly realized: “Ah……. It’s, it’s you……”

To be precise, we were actually transported back to around three hundred fifty years ago. At this time, big devil still wasn’t a big devil, he was still Cang Lin sect’s most reputable first disciple – Mu Xuan. He was the most promising candidate to become the next sect leader. He was covered in splendor, had a famous reputation and a bright and promising future……..

I quietly looked at big devil, looked at his bony pallid face and pupils with faintly discernible dark energy inside them. I suddenly realized that the turns of life were hard to anticipate, couldn’t help but to sigh.

Why did he have to do these disgraceful things; betray his master, exterminate his clan………..

The next day we left to find Mu Xuan. Without any need to ask around, big devil knew exactly where Xuan Mu was located.

When we were about to reach the place, big devil was suddenly terrified.

The closer we got, the more his expression didn’t seem right. I was very anxious, if he died here, I surely wouldn’t be able to return. Since using my cultivation of a few hundred years definitely wouldn’t be enough to defeat Cang Lin sect’s first disciple and snatch the soul mirror from him.

Before I could open my mouth to ask questions, big devil dragged me away.

“I cannot come face to face with him.”

I knew he was talking about Xuan Mu, but I was very puzzled: “Why not?”

“I am the same person as him, heaven’s will cannot be violated. If I met him one of us would presumably disappear from this world.”

I was shocked: “How will we get the soul mirror then?!” I still needed to go back to three hundred years in the future to do my things!

The big devil again looked at me quietly.

“Why do you always look at me silently like this?!” I was driven nuts, “I cannot defeat you!” No matter if it was three hundred years in the past or in the future, the thing that wouldn’t change is the fact that I cannot beat him.

He creased his brows: “Did not tell you to fight, use your mind.” He said, “Approach him.”

I wanted to cry: “I’ve lived over a hundred years, but haven’t fooled around with one man yet. Don’t assign such an important task to me……”

He solemnly looked at me: “I will help you.”

Help me to fool around with himself, sounds……. pretty reliable.

I acquiesced.

Then he pushed me onto the small road that Xuan Mu was sure to pass by.

After laying down I looked at the southeast.

Big devil said he would use this road on this day from three hundred years ago and meet his life’s first disciple.

It should have been a youth that was honest, strong and eager to learn. During that time that youth’s family’s fortune had declined and he was being chased by an enemy. Without any other choice he could only lie down at that mountain road and at that time when he was prepared to die, he was rescued by Mu Xuan. Mu Xuan was moved by the youth’s integrity and courage, took him back to Cang Lin mountain and started the era of his generation’s sect members accepting disciples…….

I turned my head; in the underbrush the big devil was carrying that youth, who should have been lying here instead of me, on his shoulders.

He looked back at me, warning me coldly: “Remember what I said.” After a few jumps, he flew over the horizon, not knowing what remote and desolate place he was sending his former disciple to.

Carelessly changing another person’s future like this, is that okay…………….

After the big devil left, I sighed and patted the mud on my face. Then I rubbed my belly. For this to seem realistic he truly starved me for three days and three nights. He let me lie here, take that youth’s place in becoming Mu Xuan’s disciple, use that method to walk into his life, to deceive him, to acquire the soul mirror and to walk away.

I really couldn’t help sighing with sorrow. He truly was a big devil, could even scheme against himself so cold-bloodedly.

Hearing the small sound of footsteps transported here, I immediately gathered my energy. Whether we would be able to obtain the soul mirror and return purely depended on my acting now!

“Ta” the footstep sounds stopped in front of me and a shadow loomed over me.

I weakly panted a few times, opened my eyes and raised my head to look at him. The evening light slanting across the grass field; against the light that pair of eyes exactly like those I spotted that day at the ice cave. Possessing that perfect radiance, as if they held the most beautiful stars inside, but compared to later they did not seem to have experienced so many ups and downs, instead they seemed more limpid and clearer.

He seemed to have changed a lot in these three hundred years, but the only thing that had stayed the same was this unfeeling and ice-cold expression of his.

He looked at me silently for a moment, then took out a roast chicken from his pouch.

Roast! Roast chicken!

I swallowed a mouthful of saliva. Was truly hungry.

Big devil didn’t tell me that the food Mu Xuan took out would be a roast chicken! So fragrant! How crazy must that disciple of his have been to refuse this roast chicken! Then I thought, to have accepted a disciple that was clearly sick in the head, actually this master cannot be very normal either……..

I strongly suppressed my yearning of food. “I don’t want it…….”

Mu Xuan looked at me for a moment again: “Okay.” He put the roast chicken back and turned to walk away.

Ai! Wait wait! This is not right!

I blinked my eyes, I only had one thought in my head –– I cannot let him walk away! If I missed this opportunity, it would not be so easy to find another way to approach him.

I rolled on the ground and grabbed his ankle with one hand. He turned to look at me. My mind was completely blank, with cold sweat dripping down my back: “Do still…….give me the roast chicken.”

Silently eating the roast chicken, I shot a glance at Xuan Mu sitting next to me. He was adding wood to the fire, half of his face illuminated by the firelight to look brilliant and vivid. I deeply reflected, in the end where did I make a mistake, this situation was completely different from how big devil described!

After he gave me the roast chicken and I ate it, he didn’t abandon me, also didn’t take me back to Cang Lin sect. He made a fire at the spot, looking as if he planned to spend the night here.

What am I supposed to do?

I was worrying inside as I heard Mu Xuan ask me indifferently: “Why are you here alone on Cang Lin mountain?”

Finally, an anticipated question. I cleared my throat and said: “My family fell into dire straits; I was chased by enemies and didn’t have any food……”

“Clank” Mu Xuan unsheathed his sword, “Swish” buried his sword in the ground, that legendary sword reflecting my pale face. He grabbed the hilt, turning the edge lightly, the reflected firelight almost blinding my eyes, “Not telling the truth, I will chop you up and feed you to the monsters.”

I was so scared that I nearly pissed my pants, was this fellow truly Mu Xuan who hadn’t converted to the demonic ways yet?! Really a celestial cultivator?! He wasn’t any different from the big devil!

“Tell tell tell! I will tell!” I held my head, “I was forced! He wanted me to kill you…….” Trembling, I took out my dagger with the bent edge and threw it towards him.

He gave the dagger one look: “This is a celestial weapon.”

The relic given to me by my mother, of course it was a precious celestial weapon. If it wasn’t for that big devil’s hard neck, the dagger’s edge would never have been bent.

 With a trembling voice I said: “I don’t know what this is, that person gave it to me, told me to act pitiful and strike you when you don’t expect it.”

Mu Xuan’s beautiful eyes narrowed, “Who is that person? How does he know my where I am?”

“I don’t know, I don’t know anything. He threatened me, if I didn’t do as told he would humiliate me.” I squeezed out tears with all my might, “He also wanted to kill me, I only did this because I had no other choice.” I grabbed Mu Xuan’s hand, “Please save me! You are Cang Lin sect’s first disciple, you can definitely save me!”

He lowered his eyes, looked at the hand that had grabbed his, the reflected firelight circulating in his pupils.

I hurriedly said: “This life saving grace I am willing to repay with all I have! Just don’t take my life! Whatever you want me to do in the future I will!”

He raised his eyes to look at me and after a while opened his mouth to say: “Since it is like this, then follow me back to Cang Lin.”

I didn’t believe that he simply wanted to save me, seeing his expression it was clear that he had other plans. If it wasn’t using me to find out who the person behind my back was, then it was to keep me by his side to find out what exactly I was planning to so.

But no matter what he thought in his heart, in the end he let me stay by his side. Although it didn’t happen like big devil described, but the goal was still achieved. As for the details…………no need to fuss over them.

I immediately kowtowed to him three times: “Thanking Master for taking me in!”

Mu Xuan frowningly looked at me: “When did I say that I wanted to be your Master?”

I wound my fingers and looked at him pathetically: “But I have already paid my respects……….”


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