Master is sick Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Early the next morning Mu Xuan took me back to Cang Lin mountain.

He lived alone on a mountain peak, in a single courtyard with a single entrance. Clean and fresh air entered my nose………but I had no heart to enjoy it. Ever since the moment I entered the door, my eyes were darting around trying to spot the soul mirror. However, because I didn’t look where my feet were going, I bumped into Mu Xuan’s back.

I didn’t cry in pain and didn’t move back, just stood there stuck to his back.

Eh, if I’m not wrong, this hard object on Mu Xuan’s back must be the soul mirror that I had been looking for.

I reached out my finger to directly snatch away the mirror and the clothes in between…. Mu Xuan turned, shoulder bumping into me, making me fall back a few steps. My gaze was still on his back.

“You want to stab a knife directly into my back?” Mu Xuan raised his brows to ask me.

Mumbling, I explained: “Master, you have something on your back, I was helping you look….”

Mu Xuan swept a glance at me and pointed to the room on the right: “That firewood storage, you can clean it up and move inside.”

Firewood….. firewood storage?

“Not satisfied?”

“No…. no, very good, thanking Master.”

He nodded and returned to his room.

I ground my teeth; these days were truly oppressing for me. But in life one always had to experience some things that were hard to deal with. I comforted myself, then went to the firewood storage. As I pushed open the door the dust nearly choked me to death.

I covered my mouth and stumbled back a few steps. As I looked inside ––– it was truly a devastating sight!  

I gathered myself and tolerated it. At most I only had to live here for a few months. Scheming to steal away Mu Xuan’s mirror, it was really quite unfair to him, so staying in a lacking place then so be it.

I rolled up my sleeves, held my breath and began to clean up.

While cleaning I was pondering, big devil said that the soul mirror would be on Mu Xuan’s body, but I didn’t think that he would really take it everywhere with him. A grown man with so few desires, keeping a mirror on his body, was it to look at his own beautiful reflection from time to time?

Must be sick in the head!

But since he had already contracted this disease, I couldn’t change anything now. It looked like if I wanted to obtain that mirror, I first had to get Mu Xuan to undress before me……

At the current state of affairs though, he was very guarded against me. Probably wouldn’t easily take off his clothes in front of me. Therefore, I could only scheme a little.

I remembered big devil told me; at that time, he used to like tunes. Confidently, I curled my lips. As for tunes, in the Cang Lin mountain of three hundred years in the future I was the master of playing the flute! Using this trick to entice him, I had a lot of confidence.

That night, I fought the first battle of the plan to steal the mirror by stealing the heart first.

The moon was bright and the breeze was small, under the courtyards lone tree the tune of my bamboo flute carried a mellow and agreeable tune over a thousand miles. Even I couldn’t help but be engrossed by myself.

“Why are you making this noise?”

A towering voice interrupted my flute sound. I blinked my eyes at Mu Xuan: “I’m playing the flute, Master.”

Mu Xuan looked at me for a while: “You are living here now. There are four rules: be diligent, read more, eat less and don’t disturb.”

Dis…… disturb?

I felt like my dignity had been hurt: “Master, you can’t humiliate someone like this. I think I play the flute pretty well.”

“Well?” this question, in my ears it contained limitless ridicule. I was discontented and just wanted to speak as Mu Xuan stepped forward and seized the flute in my hands. After using my sleeves to wipe it clean, he played the first pitch on the bamboo flute.

I was dumbfounded.

I finally knew, what his silence meant as I promised the big devil that I would be able to charm Mu Xuan with my flute play ––– he was hesitating whether he should stop me from humiliating myself.

But at that time, me saying “I can’t do anything else anyways” blocked his voice.

That flute sound was too beautiful, dispersing my mixed feelings. In the end my eyes only contained Mu Xuan’s figure under the moonlight, so beautiful it caused one to be apprehensive.

After one melody Mu Xuan laid down the flute, looked at the blank me and shoved the flute into my hands: “Understood? That’s why, play it in places where there are no other people.”

Clutching the flute, I couldn’t contain my curiosity and asked him just before he could return to his room: “Master, in your life, is there some hidden trouble that is hard to mention?”

Mu Xuan blanked for a moment, then turned his head to look at me and after a while said: “What did I just say?”

I scratched my head: “Eat less, don’t disturb.” Facing his gaze, I dejectedly walked towards my room, “I’m going to sleep now, Master. See you tomorrow.”

After I laid down on my grass bed, looking at the moonlight shining through the roof, I absolutely didn’t understand. This Mu Xuan had good cultivation, great talent, outstanding temperament and could even play the flute wonderfully. A glorious road was just in front of him, what kind of sickness did he contract, why did he have to turn to the demonic path.

I decided, after I contacted the big devil, risking death I would still have to ask him about the past happenings.

Containing my curiosity, I peacefully got along with Mu Xuan for a month. During this time, I cleaned the courtyard spotless for him, but I could feel that Mu Xuan did not lower his guard against me at all. He was still observing me and I couldn’t find any opportunity to contact the big devil.

But it wasn’t all bad. During this month of him observing me, I also observed him and even had great results from it.

I found out Mu Xuan’s daily living pattern.

He loves cleanliness and in this mountainous terrain he still had to bathe in the cold spring behind the mountain every day.

I thought that he must be crazy to bathe in ice cold water during winter, but this provided me a great opportunity to strike.

I spent ten days to get familiar with the road to the back of the mountain, planning to use that night while Mu Xuan was bathing, to search his discarded clothing. I also planned to take a basin and a towel with me, in case I was detected I could just say that I also came to take a bath.

I thought my plan was great, nothing could go wrong.

But I still underestimated Mu Xuan’s abilities.

Sneaking along the small path, I saw the clothes he had taken off scattered next to a big boulder. Quietly, I reached out my hands, but before I could touch his clothes, my neck was grasped by someone.

My heart sank. Turning my head to look, it was indeed Mu Xuan.

Wearing his trousers and only one outer garment, his sturdy chest faintly discernible. I swallowed.

His eyes piercingly cold: “Secretly following me to do what?”

I raised the basin and towel in my hands for him to see: “I’m a bit tired after sweeping the floor today, also came here to take a bath…..”

He looked at me for a moment: “Just in time.” he said, “Today, I don’t want to bathe, will let you bathe instead.” Saying that and grabbing my collar, he flung me into the water. “Splash” I instantly submerged in freezingly cold water penetrating into the bones.

Air bubbles floated to the surface. I subconsciously wanted to swim to the surface, but the water was too cold, I could only feel my two legs cramping up! During my struggle, a mouthful of cold water entered my chest, instantly my eyes began to blur.

I couldn’t use the evading water technique……

I am half demon half human, usually there wasn’t even a speck of demonic energy inside me. If the big devil didn’t search inside me using his energy, even he wouldn’t have guessed my identity. The Mu Xuan who turned into a big devil didn’t see it, the current Mu Xuan naturally wouldn’t see it either. He always thought I was a human….. If I used the evading water technique now and he realized I am half demon, with his current identity of Cang Lin sect’s first disciple, he would cut me down without another thought.

How could I just die like this?!

The water swallowed became more and more. At this moment, a pair of warm hands grabbed my back and carried me up. I was nestled against a warm chest, but not long after I felt myself being flung onto the boulder like a dead fish. Then, my chest was pressed two times with such force that it felt like my bones would be flattened.

I spit out two mouthfuls of water and grabbed my throat trying to breathe for my life.

In front of me was a wet Mu Xuan. The water on his head dripping onto my face, I heard his spiteful voice murmuring: “So useless…..”

I clutched my fist, endured the curse words about to escape my mouth, turned my head to look at the vast sky and imagined myself to be the moon. Those mundane affairs aren’t able to disturb my emotions. I fantasized for a long time until I finally calmed myself.

After I stopped gasping for breath, what cooled down along with my emotions was my temperature. All my clothes were soaked through. With the winter breeze, the wet clothes pasted on my body felt even colder than the spring water before.

My lips began to tremble: “Mamasmaster I won’t bathe anymore……. Let’s go…….go go go back first.”

Mu Xuan raised his brows: “Cold?”

Cannot use your eyes to see? You think I am shivering like this because I’m excited?! I once again suppressed the words that rose up to my throat and only obediently nodded my head.

Mu Xuan didn’t move, silently sizing me up for a long time.

Truly was the same person as the big devil, this habit that made one disgusted was truly exactly the same. I was already terrified like this; what is the matter; Venerable Elder, can’t you say directly……

I licked my lips, just as I wanted to ask him, he suddenly turned and walked away.

Stupefied, I sat up holding my arms, and saw him take the dry clothes he had discarded next to the boulder.

My eyes shone; I saw the mirror inside the clothes.

Throw them here! Throw them here!

I heard myself scream excitedly inside my head. Afterwards, he really threw his clothes at me, but they really were only………..clothes.

He hid the soul mirror behind his body and standing at the other side of the boulder said: “Go back after changing the clothes.”

Holding his clothes, I blanked for quite a while before realizing; this fellow had a guilty conscience! Him throwing me into the water was to test out whether I had any demonic energy. Didn’t think that he would really nearly drown me.

I raised my head to look behind the boulder, he was leaning against it and single-mindedly looking in front with the air of an upright gentleman.

I released a sigh, fortunately didn’t give up my identity in the water, else dragging me out would not have been a pair of warm hands, but a sword filled with murderous energy……..

He had quite a deep mind, but after this time of me risking my life, he should believe the words I said before now…….more or less? At least he should believe that I cannot use magic.

I took off the wet clothes and changed into Mu Xuan’s robe. Mu Xuan didn’t look fat, but his clothes on my body looked like a little kid was wearing them.

“Finished changing?”

He had become a little impatient after waiting on the other side of the boulder.

“En, finished.” I walked out, “Master, your physique is so powerful, the clothes are really big.” I held the collar in one hand, the hem in the other. Looking at my feet, I found that no matter how I held it, there was no way to raise up the part dragging on the floor. I knew he loved cleanliness, I couldn’t raise my head to look at him, “Master, I’m really not doing it on purpose, I promise I’ll clean this robe really, really well tomorrow.”

He looked at me silently, compared to usual some fluctuations visible in his gaze.

I blinked my eyes and looked at him: “Master?”

His gaze shifted and he turned his head: “Let’s go.”

Under the moonlight and in the cool breeze, I seemed to be able to detect some redness at the base of his ears.

Could it be! Could this be the legendary…….shyness!

During this month I thought of hundreds of schemes, but didn’t even get half a glance from him. Standing in front of him drenched from head to toe, with disheveled hair and baggy clothes however, could cause his mood to change?!

Men….. really……

I clenched my teeth and began seriously considering the possibility of directly □□ Mu Xuan to take the mirror.

Guys, the author censored that last sentence herself, it wasn’t me. But I think you can also guess what she meant by it. 😉

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