Master is sick Chapter 5

Chapter 5

The second day, the Cang Lin sect disciples gathered early in the morning for departure. Mu Xuan had already taken his bag and left the courtyard when the sky hadn’t even brightened yet. As the first streaks of sunlight appeared, Mu Jue came and knocked. I carried my bag to open the door and lept outside: “Senior Uncle, I’ve waited a long time for you!”

Mu Jue, feeling guilty as a thief, looked left and right: “I had to wait for them to leave before coming to find you.”

I was dumbfounded: “If they left already, how will we follow them?”

Mu Jue smiled craftily and unsheathed his longsword, making it float in the air: “It’s normal for me to be late, they won’t mind. They are slow on foot; we will catch up in no time on the sword. Senior Uncle’s speed is the fastest in the whole Cang Lin sect…………”

Not waiting for him to finish I climbed on the sword: “Senior Uncle, hurry.”

He was stupefied, after a while he also climbed on: “You are quite brave, never having learnt to fly a sword, but still daring enough to climb onto a floating one.”

My expression was a bit strained: “That’s because I…….believe in Senior Uncle’s outstanding magical skills.”

A sucker for compliments, Mu Jue laughed proudly. After telling me to hold on, the sword immediately took off into the sky.

Mu Jue didn’t lie; he very quickly caught up to the marching group.

His sword always stayed towards the end of the group in order for Mu Xuan not to discover me. Although I thought it was inevitable, discovering me later was still better than discovering me earlier. After all, after we have covered a big distance no one will have the time to send me back……

Travelling on the sword was boring, some Cang Lin disciples occasionally slowed down to talk to Mu Jue on the road. After hearing that I was Mu Xuan’s disciple, they all looked at me with an envious, but slightly surprised expression. A few even said directly in my presence: “The Masters haven’t even said that our generation of disciples can accept our own disciples yet, but Mu Xuan has already done it………”

“What do you know, Senior Brother is bound to become the leader, naturally different from us.”

“And choosing a woman on top of that…..”

In those few words they exchanged, they revealed quite some bits and pieces. Mu Jue pretended not to hear, only his sword sped down a bit and left more distance between them.

“Those disciples from South Senior Uncle are very peculiar, don’t mind them.”

I never minded them from the beginning.

But seeing today’s act, some impressions were revealed to me. After staying at Mu Xuan’s peak for a month, until today I had only seen him and this Mu Jue Senior Uncle walk together. Looked like Mu Xuan didn’t get along too well with his same sect disciples.

But thinking of it, that temper of Mu Xuan’s alone could drive one crazy, if you considered his identity and standing as well, it was all very awkward. He was obviously on the same level as the other disciples, but his treatment was on a higher standard. Even his abode was like the Masters, independently occupying a mountain peak. Having been appointed as the successor to the leader’s position from early on – as much as he was admired, no one knew how many envious mouths cursed him behind his back.

Now his Master let him lead such a large group of people to exterminate demons. Some people wouldn’t say so to his face, but behind his back they surely glared at his spine hoping for it to become bent.

This glorious Senior Brother, looked like it was not an easy position.

So, was it because he wasn’t happy about the situation that he converted to the evil ways? I subconsciously thought that wasn’t it. Even though I had only known him for a month, but I thought he wasn’t someone who would be influenced by such things.

Then in the end, what was the reason……..

The marching speed was truly slow. Although we were riding on the sword, but after a day Jing mountain still hadn’t been reached. As the sun set, Mu Xuan ordered a rest on the lakeside and to continue the journey tomorrow.

Pulling Mu Jue’s clothes, I let him block me in order not to be seen by Mu Xuan. But in the end a person riding a sword still approached from afar and landed in front of Mu Jue.

Mu Jue laughingly scratched his head: “Senior Brother……..”

Mu Xuan silently stared at me and Mu Jue. This silence of his, I really couldn’t stand, so quickly confessed the truth: “It’s me who wanted Senior Uncle to take me to gain experience! Scold me.”

Mu Xuan was again silent for a while: “Your cold is better?”

This question was completely outside of my expectations. Surprised, I raised my head to look at him and anxiously answered: “Better better better, it’s been gone since yesterday.”

Mu Xuan shot a glance at my hands that were holding Mu Jue’s clothes.

Because the sword was narrow, I could only stick close to Mu Jue. Originally, I thought there was no problem, but after being scanned by Mu Xuan’s gaze something immediately didn’t feel right.

“Come here.”

I thought my ears weren’t working right, actually hearing Mu Xuan say “come here” these two words to me. I didn’t dare to reach out my hands towards him: “Master, you want to send me back to Cang Lin mountain?”

Hearing that, Mu Jue immediately protected me: “Senior Brother, we’ve already covered half the way………”

“Who said I wanted to send her back.” Mu Xuan knitted his brow, impatiently reaching out his hand: “Come here.”

I blinked my eyes and thought as long as he didn’t send me back, all was fine. Immediately grabbing his hand, I jumped onto his sword.

Mu Xuan didn’t even glance at Mu Jue, turned and took off on the sword. The wind blowing past my ears, I still heard Mu Xuan criticize: “He is your Senior Uncle, hardly differing from you in appearance and age. Do you even know the words ‘avoiding suspicion’?”

I pouted my lips and thought to myself; Master, looking at you, you also hardly differ from me in age!

After landing on the ground, I detected a seal on a tree in front of me. This seal was something I saw every night in my dreams, it had the soul mirror’s form.

I pondered and suspected that big devil had arrived. But calming my thoughts I still faced Mu Xuan with an unperturbed appearance. After it had gotten late and everybody had fallen asleep, only then did I crawl out.

As I moved, Mu Xuan, leaning against the tree, opened his eyes: “Going where?” Voice as clear as if he hadn’t fallen asleep at all.

I was startled, but after living the “spy” life for so many days, my acting had greatly improved. I rubbed my eyes, pointed to the trees close by: “My stomach feels a bit queasy. Master, help me to look out and prevent anyone from following.” After saying that, I proceeded to walk towards the dense forest.

I walked very far, until even the firelight looked dim, but I could still feel Mu Xuan’s gaze on me. He could see a thousand miles, wouldn’t let me escape easily.

I gritted my teeth, simply found a bush and opened my waistband….. At that time the gaze following me finally disappeared.

I squat down and heaved a sigh, but without having had the time to pull up my pants, a shadow appeared before me.

It was big devil.

He looked at me, silently.

In those circumstances, even I, who hated silence, remained silent.

At last, he conscientiously turned his head, giving me time to pull up my pants.

While chaotically fastened my waistband, I turned to see Mu Xuan still paying attention here. Then I hurriedly turned to big devil mouthing: “Let’s go, it’s too close here.”

Big devil turned his eyes towards me, looking indifferent: “I blocked the target.”

Dumbfounded, I turned my head to look and couldn’t feel the target’s energy. Big devil swept a glance at me saying: “You can’t see, he is the same.”

This “he” was naturally referring to Mu Xuan. I completely trusted big devil’s words and sighed: “Why didn’t you say so earlier, letting me seem as if I was trying to abduct someone……..”

Big devil looked at me. He didn’t say anything.

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