Master is sick Chapter 6

Chapter 6

“Where have you been all this time? Didn’t you say that you would help me? Clearly it was only me working hard by myself!”

“…….My disciple. Since you took his place in becoming a Cang Lin disciple, he should naturally find another place to live. During this month I took care of with his matters and helped him avoid future trouble.”

It turned out it was to help his disciple resolve his enemies……

 “You are pretty good to your disciple.” I thought about it, discontentment rising in my heart, “But thinking of it, I am also a disciple. How come you treat me like this?” Big devil paused, but before he could open his mouth I interrupted, “No, you are here, Mu Xuan is over there. Didn’t you say that you cannot be too close to your former self? Let’s move a bit farther away.”

“It doesn’t matter. As long as we don’t come face to face, I can overcome this bodily discomfort.” He paused, “I originally thought today would be more troublesome…… You being able to understand the secret signal was out of my expectations, it spared me a lot of effort.”

Using a praising tone, he said these belittling words to me. I secretly rolled my eyes, but didn’t fuss with him over minor matters: “Let’s get to the point. Big devil, during this month I…….”

“En, I know everything.”

I stilled: “You know everything?”

“All your interactions with the former me would appear inside my head.”

Astonished, I opened my mouth. But thinking of it, big devil and Mu Xuan were the same person. Mu Xuan’s experiences turning into memories inside his head and big devil – inheriting these memories as the “future self”, he couldn’t be blamed. But……..

“Me being seen through by you at the beginning and shamelessly becoming your disciple, you know about it?”

He nodded.

“Me playing the flute to seduce you and being humiliated by you, you also know that?”


“Going to bathe with you, being discovered and flung into the water, you know?”

“I know everything.”

Suddenly, I had the impulse to silence him……..

Even though rationally I knew big devil and Mu Xuan to be the same person, but! In reality they are two people! These humiliating things I did in order to return home, the “present person” knowing was fine, but being known by “another person” what was this situation?!

I had originally planned to portray myself as a clever and quick-witted person who hadn’t been able to reach the goal because of unavoidable circumstances! Now……

I held my forehead and sighed.

“Fine……..” I calmed down and proceeded to discuss important matters, “Since you already know everything, I won’t say anymore. Just tell me what Mu Xuan currently thinks of me. Has he somewhat let down his guard against me? Furthermore, does he like me even slightly now?” Blinking my eyes, I looked at big devil expectantly. Feeling as if I was waiting for the published test results after taking an important exam.

Big devil also looked at me. Maybe I was wrong, but I felt like I saw some indetectable fluctuations at the bottom of his eyes. Seemingly bashful and slightly laughing.

“Still need to try hard.” He gave me these five words.

Even though I knew the answer would be similar to this, but hearing it from the big devils mouth, I couldn’t help feeling dejected. After the dejection came some anger: “Say what kind of girl do you like? I’m using all my energy to try to seduce you, how come I still can’t succeed…….”

The corner of big devil’s lips slightly twitched, rose an inch, but very quickly sank again: ”Something will happen that could make him trust you more.”

My eyes brightened: “Come! Tell!”

“During this journey to Jing mountain there will be an ambush by the demonic clan.”

I stilled. Demonic clan’s ambush……… leading the Cang Lin sect disciples to exterminate demons was in order for them to gain experience. In this group there were quite a few people that had never even left the sect before. Fighting some small demons and monsters would be fine, but when facing the demonic clan wouldn’t they all lie down and play dead……

Holding my chin I thought: “Do you want me to kill and bathe in blood alongside Mu Xuan? But I can’t let him discover my magic powers……..”

“No.” With pupils congealing the moonlight, big devil’s voice and countenance were firm, “I want you to stop him.”

I stilled: “Why?”

Big devil didn’t say anything. I knitted my brows: “We’re already like this. Is there still any point in you hiding and concealing anything from me?” He stared fixedly at me. I sighed, “Fine, I won’t ask anymore.” I said, “Since you want me to do this, I will trust you.”

After hearing this, big devil was a bit alarmed. His lips moved as if wanting to say something, but at this time, he suddenly creased his brows.

I turned my head to look and saw that Mu Xuan had already stood up and was walking over here. I hurriedly squatted down in the grass, and waved my hand at big devil: “Mu Xuan has become suspicious, hurry up and leave.”

Big devil didn’t stay. Flinging his black robe he disappeared the same way he appeared – silently into the night. Suddenly, it seemed as if I could hear a voice saying in a meaningful tone “Thank you”.

I stilled for a few minutes, but without any more time to blank out, I could hear Mu Xuan’s footsteps approaching. Turning my head, I acted startled: “Who?” Pulling my pants, I made rustling sounds in the grass.

The sound of footsteps immediately stopped. I asked again: “Is it Master?”

As if feeling a bit awkward to talk during such a situation, Mu Xuan responded with “en”. Then, he indistinctly said: “Just now I could hear no sounds from here……Since there is nothing……..”

Again, I rustled a bit in the grass. I then stood up and using small steps I jumped beside Mu Xuan: “Master no need to worry, I just feel a bit unwell in the stomach.”

Hearing this, Mu Xuan slightly frowned: “Haven’t recovered from the sickness yet?

Seeing his slightly absent-mined handsome countenance, compared to big devil’s appearance just now, in my heart suddenly some inexplicable feelings appeared. In the end what was it that could make a fine person convert to the demonic ways and become like that. Make multiple wrinkles appear between his brows, make his gaze become so much colder……..

After reaching Jing mountain and being ambushed by the demonic clan tomorrow; as the person responsible for this expedition, if any Cang Lin disciples got hurt, he would have to bear the blame.

At that moment, I suddenly wanted to tell Mu Xuan about tomorrow’s danger.

But what would happen after I said it, how would I explain how I got to know of this matter, how would I make him trust me……

As I was in a daze, a warm palm suddenly touched my forehead.

Mu Xuan was investigating my temperature like yesterday, but because I had developed some bad intentions, my cheeks couldn’t help reddening as I looked into his beautiuful eyes. Mu Xuan dropped his hand and wrinkled his brows: “I’ll let Mu Jue send you home tomorrow.”

I hurriedly shook my hand: “Won’t go back, won’t go back.” I rolled my eyes, “Me and Senior Uncle, a distinction between the sexes should be made. It’s not convenient.”

He silently looked at me for a while and finally said: “If it’s like this, then obediently stay by Master’s side tomorrow.”

That was the first time he called himself Master in front of me. It should count as……….accepting me?

I felt happy and showed a big smile. Mu Xuan again silently looked at me. While he didn’t say a word, his gaze had turned softer compared to before.

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