Master is sick Chapter 7

On the following day, Cang Lin sect’s disciples continued to hasten on with the journey on their swords. The closer we came to Jing mountain, the more uneasy my heart became and the harder my hand held onto Mu Xuan’s clothes. Until Mu Xuan turned his head to look at me: “Scared of monsters?”

“Ah?” I raised my head to look at him. Then I hurriedly relaxed my fingers, but saw that Mu Xuan’s clothes had already been formed into two lumps by me. Unconsciously, I tried to restore his clothes like a lackey.

“No need to fear, it’s only a few small monsters.”

Because it’s not just a few small monsters……..

As Mu Xuan’s voice fell, suddenly a Cang Lin disciple in the back loudly cried: “That wild boar demon wants to attack!” Mu Xuan looked back, but before he could shout at him to stop, that disciple who spotted the monster had already rushed forward, “Evil monster, accept your destiny!” A few other people fell to the ground with him.

Mu Xuan frowned. Mu Jue’s sword timely landed next to Mu Xuan: “Senior Brother, I’ll go down protect them?”

“I’ll go.” as Mu Xuan’s voice fell, I was hauled onto Mu Jue’s sword, “Stay put.”

I stretched out my hand to hold him back, but Mu Xuan had already floated down. Out of the other people were originally floating in the air, those “disciples from Nan Senior Uncle” hurriedly shouted: “First Senior Brother going down to exterminate monsters wothout even calling for us, do you want to take the credit alone or practice by yourself?”

At that moment, some other monsters appeared from the forest. Those disciples, without giving Mu Xuan any prior notice, got on their swords and rushed towards the battlefield. Seeing this, the remaining disciples also mounted their swords.

Internally, I was cursing them as fools. Impatiently looking through the forest to catch a glimpse of Mu Xuan’s shadow, only then did I remember a very important question. Big devil told me to stop Mu Xuan today, but he didn’t tell me exactly during what situation, during what time I was supposed to stop Mu Xuan!

Was it now, or was it later after the demonic cultivators appeared, or was it…….

Not waiting for me to finish speculating, an abnormal energy permeated from the forest. This energy I was familiar with; it came from the demonic cultivators.

I hurriedly pulled Mu Jue: “Go down, go down!”

Mu Jue frowned: “The energy down there is very strange, you don’t have any magic power, if you go down you’ll only add to the chaos. Don’t cause trouble to your Master.”

Suddenly, from inside the forest came the rustling sound of a flying arrow. Not long after, two, three Cang Lin disciples already fell to the ground.

Seeing this Mu Jue was shocked: “Where did this arrow come from?!” Alarmed, he looked in all directions, “There is an ambush!”

Seizing this opportunity I said to him: “That’s right, that’s right, go down and tell them!” Mu Jue was a rash fellow, if he encountered those small monsters and small demons he could deal with them. But facing killing intent and an ambush he didn’t have any clue, so my idea became his idea. Without thinking, he got onto his sword and floated down: “There is an ambush! There is an ambush, everyone quickly go!” he roared loudly. My gaze was firmly fixed on Mu Xuan who was facing a monster.

Hearing Mu Jue’s voice, Mu Xuan stabbed his sword into the monster’s body and raised his head to roar: “Go up!”

Amidst a lighting flint, a long black arrow produced from miasma shot towards the meadow between the forest, heading straight towards Mu Jue. I gnashed my teeth and without thinking I pushed Mu Jue down from the sword. Mu Jue evaded the arrow, but landed between the trees. I “couldn’t control” the sword and naturally also fell onto the ground heavily.

I sat up and without any time to shake off the dust, got up to rush towards Mu Xuan. Thinking inside, no matter what he wanted to do now, I should stop him. But at that time, a bunch of black clothed people, as if appearing from the ground, began fighting with Cang Lin disciples. The way things were going, Cang Lin disciples were weaker.

Seeing this, Mu Xuan formed a seal in his palm using celestial energy and poured it into the ground. The black-clothed people and the monsters suddenly began to suffer extremely.

But one black robed person seemed as if he wasn’t influenced by Mu Xuan’s strike at all. Taking his sword, he aimed directly for Mu Xuan’s heart. Mu Xuan blocked with his sleeve, but was still hit in the arm. That black clothed man’s sword’s momentum halted and proceeded to aim downwards, obviously intending to cut off Mu Xuan’s arm!

Seeing that, my heart suddenly tightened. Suddenly, that black robed man stopped, and unbelieving expression appeared on his face. His lips suddenly moved.

Because of the distance, I couldn’t hear their voices, but I saw Mu Xuan also stopping woodenly. He dazedly looked at the black-robed man and they exchanged a few words. I approached them and heard the black-robed man say lightly: “…….if you don’t believe it, then follow me.”

The black-robed man turned to leave. Mu Xuan moved his foot.

He wanted to follow? In such a situation, Mu Xuan wanted to leave behind Cang Lin disciples to follow the black-robed man!

No need to guess further, the “stop him” big devil meant couldn’t be anytime else!

I gritted my teeth and rushed towards Mu Xuan without thinking. From the corner of my eye I saw a demonic cultivator pulling his bow, arrow heading towards Mu Xuan. Internally, I gave that demonic fatty a thumbs up for giving me an excuse to approach Mu Xuan.

As the arrow flew out, I cried: “Master!” throwing myself at him, tightly hugging him. Registering an ache on my back, a miasma arrow had deeply embedded itself in the middle of my back.

Gritting my teeth, I endured the severe pain. Thinking inside, that fatty had acted extremely ruthlessly. But right now, results could only be produced by being ruthless. Mu Xuan probably wouldn’t abandon the severely injured me to chase after the black-robed man…….?

This was a big devil who would choose the demonic path. The me who originally planned to slide feebly to the ground, gathered all my energy to firmly hold onto Mu Xuan.

“Master…….” Grabbing him too tightly, so tightly that my hands even began to tremble. And exactly because I held him so tight, I could feel him being in a trance not daring to believe.

Seemingly a long time passed before he extended his hand toward my back. Apart from a hand of sticky blood he probably couldn’t feel anything else. I raised my hand to look at him, only to see his shocked eyes. Gritting my teeth, I endured the pain: “Master…… are you okay?” Saying this, the Mu Xuan in my eyes began to blur, my arms also began to lose strength.

At that time not because I wanted to feebly slide towards the ground, but my legs had really turned soft. Mu Xuan held me: “Why did you come?” his voice like before, but a with a concealed tenseness: “Quickly let go.”

“As long as Master is fine it’s good.” I reminded him, “Cang Lin sect’s disciples……….are all relying on you now…….!

Mu Xuan stiffened.

I thought with Mu Xuan’s sense of responsibility, for those Cang Lin disciples lives, he wouldn’t follow that black-robed man in the rush of the moment. I grabbed Mu Xuan’s lapel, tightly forming two wrinkled marks. Only hoping that after this thing was settled, he would see these marks and remember that disciple of his who, in order to “save” him, had fainted from the severe injury: “Master…….you have to properly……”

Properly take me back.

Before finishing the sentence, a blackness overfell me and I couldn’t help falling unconscious.

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