Master is sick Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Big devil finally recovered from his injuries. Three months had also passed and today was the day where Mu Xuan came out of Cang Qiong peak. Cang Lin sect’s disciples were all very happy. As I returned to the small courtyard with Mu Xuan, many people greeted him. Compared to the respectful and polite greetings from before, it seemed much more intimate now.

Mu Xuan found it a bit strange, but I was very happy: “The distributed leaflets have showed their effects.”

Mu Xuan looked at me: “What leaflet?”

“Me and Mu Jue Senior Uncle collaboratively wrote a compilation of the daily happenings in First Senior Brother’s life. Following Mu Jue Senior Uncle’s stories, I recorded quite a few of Master, your funny matters. Destroying your aloof identity as First Senior Brother, dragging you from the sacred altar of being the successor of the sect leader. Seeing you after reading the leaflet, everyone will remember the funny stories, naturally won’t be as unfamiliar anymore.”

Mu Xuan was silent.

In the afternoon that day, as I prepared a welcome dinner for Mu Xuan, I heard that all the disciples were at the back of the mountain watching Mu Xuan and Mu Jue duelling. Mu Jue was beaten to the point of directly climbing onto his sword to escape.

When evening came, Mu Xuan’s courtyard quieted down and I laid out a sumptuous feast on the table for the welcoming dinner.

Pointing at the plates, I counted them one by one. Those rows of dishes were all made after questioning big devil. After I recited the dishes names, I raised my head and faced Mu Xuan’s gaze. I raised my lips: “Master, do you like it?”

He sat down, picked up a piece of cabbage, put it in his mouth and calmly said: “You used sugar instead of salt.”

“Ai!” I was shocked, “That can’t be.” I’ve clearly tried it before. I took away the dish and fetched some chopsticks.

As I wanted to pick up a cabbage, Mu Xuan suddenly put his hand on my nape and pulled me forward. Lips colliding with lips, the cabbage in his mouth became a cabbage in my mouth.

He calmly left me, then wiped the edge of my lips: “Sweet?”

With the cabbage blocking my voice, at that moment I really couldn’t differentiate whether I had used salt or sugar.

He patted my head: “Daring to say that you want Master with these skills? Continue trying hard.”

What he said, was really too similar to big devil’s expressions. But……..they were one person from the beginning.

Thinking of big devil, I forced myself to calm down. Big devil wanted to return, I also had to return, because three hundred years in the future in Cang Lin sect a demonic clan member would be executed. That was my father. It was while trying to steal the key to my father’s prison that I was discovered and fell into the Ling Jing lake during the chaos.

In other matters I could be muddle-headed, only in this matter of returning I had to be absolutely clear-headed and persevering.

With a complicated mood, I finished the welcoming dinner. I said to Mu Xuan: “Master, I boiled water for you in the room.”

Mu Xuan nodded and returned to the room to bathe and put the clothes he had taken off into a basin next to the screen separating the bathtub from plain view. I went inside the room and called out: “Master, I’ll take your clothes to wash them.”

He agreed. I took the clothes and as expected, I saw the soul mirror: “Master, why do you have a mirror with you? Your mirror is really pretty. Can you lend it to me for a few days to play with?” This question was only a civility, I naturally didn’t plan on using this excuse to cheat it away. Mu Xuan knew his identity, he obviously also knew the importance of the soul mirror for him, he wouldn’t so easily give…….

“Take it.”

Mu Xuan’s voice could be heard from behind the screen, making me wonder whether I had developed some auditory hallucinations.

“Mirror…… you’re giving it to me?”

“Take it to play if you like it.”

I was silent for a long time. Finally, I gritted my teeth, hardened my heart, took Mu Xuan’s clothes, took the soul mirror and walked outside the door. The sounds of him bathing could still be heard from inside the room. I thought I probably had no more energy to continue remaining here. I ran to the back of the mountain, as I had already agreed with big devil to meet at the ice pond after receiving the soul mirror.

That night’s moonlight was bright and clear, I could see big devil’s silhouette from afar. I waved the soul mirror at him: “I got it.”

Big devil was carrying a solemn expression as always. He didn’t say anything. As I was five steps away from him, his fingers suddenly turned to claws, I only felt a wave of suction forcefully coming towards me, pulling away the soul mirror in my hands!

I froze. After I snapped out of it, the soul mirror had already arrived in big devil’s hand.

Dazedly, I said: “What are you so impatient for……”

Big devil retreated a step and soared above the ice pond. Underneath his feet a ray of light erupted. I was dumfounded: “Big devil! What are you doing?!”

“It is too chaotic three hundred years in the future.” Big devil answered, “Just stay here.”

I stared at him unbelievingly: “What do you mean…..” Not waiting for me to finish, a ray of light shone from big devil’s finger, a large force smashed against my shoulder and forced me back a distance of ten meters. The pain caused me to be unable to stand up.

“Just count me as selfish, wanting to give myself a different life……”

“Wanting to give yourself a different life, why would you leave me here?! I still need to go back to save my father!”

Gritting my teeth, I endured the immense pain and struggled to crawl forwards, wanting to throw myself into the magic formation. But the radiance emitted from the formation became stronger and stronger, making me unable to make out any trace of big devil inside.

“I will save your father.” These were the last words I heard big devil say to me.

The brilliance disappeared, leaving me three hundred years in the past…….

The pain in my shoulder became stronger and stronger, making me feel a wave of grievance. Aside from the grievance, from the bottom of my heart, an anxious feeling of being at my wits end slowly appeared.

Coming to this world with big devil, even though sometimes I couldn’t see his shadow, at least I knew that I wasn’t the only foreign visitor here. I trusted him, I even relied on him.

But now, he betrayed me and disappeared without a trace. Resentfully, my tears began to drip down.

Next to me Mu Jue’s surprised voice could be heard: “Why is the demonic energy so strong here…… Little Junior Niece, why are you here? You…… what happened?”

I could only bury my head to cry.

Mu Xue was startled, repeatedly asking me what had happened. I simply lied on the ground, covered my chest and sobbed unrestrainedly at the top of my lungs. After wailing a long time, I seemingly heard Mu Jue helplessly saying to another person: “Senior Brother, your disciple has gone mad.”

“What happened?” A warm hand landed on my back. With eyes hazy from tears, I saw Mu Xuan’s face with a pair of tightly knitted brows. Looking at this face now really made me resentful and remorseful at the same time. In the end, I buried my head in his chest and continued wailing loudly.

He removed my hand that was clutching my shoulder: “Is it a severe injury?”

“Mirror…… the mirror is gone.”

Mu Xuan carried me up, hand lightly patting my back: “It’s fine.”

“The mirror was stolen.”

“Doesn’t matter.”

“I let you down, I let you down!”

“Don’t cry anymore.”

“I did a lot of things that let you down, I…… wuwu…..If I tell you in the future that I harmed you, that I deceived you, many things…….Don’t kill me. It would also be better if you don’t hate me…….I would feel hurt…..”

I hiccupped from crying. Then, as if coaxing a child, Mu Xuan didn’t stop patting my back. With a soft expression he coaxed: “I don’t hate you.”

I blanked. Very obviously, the Mu Jue behind my back also blanked: “Senior…… Senior Brother…..What did you just say?”

Mu Xuan turned his head to say to Mu Jue: “You go back first.”

Mu Jue very obviously didn’t want to leave, but under Mu Xuan’s gaze he unresignedly turned and left while taking one step and looking back three times.

Mu Xuan silently accompanied me to sit for a while and waited for me to calm down a bit before saying: “After two months, I will ask Master to publicize my life story. At that time, I will discard my sword and leave.”

I was dumfounded, Mu Xuan……..He brought up his life story with me? According to reason, he shouldn’t know that I know his identity.

“I know who took the mirror. As he can sense me in this time and space, I naturally can also sense him.”

I dazed.

“Starting from the expedition to Jing mountain, the memories belonging to him began appearing inside my head. What you talked about, what you planned, I know it all.”

No…… no wonder I could so easily take the mirror away!

If he knew of big devil’s existence starting from the expedition to Jing mountain, then at Cang Qiong peak he surely knew the same things big devil did. Knowing big devil’s thoughts, but not leaking anything……

Mu Xuan this……god of acting!

“Thank you.” These two words appeared too abruptly. I couldn’t help dazedly looking at his profile, hearing him say, “Thank you for doing so many things for me.” He stopped for a while, “He left you here. Later……. stay by my side.”

I stared at him for a long time: “Where else can I go….. There is not one familiar person here.” I drew back my lips, wanting to cry again.

Mu Xuan lost his smile and rubbed my head: “Then accompany me. Always accompany me.”

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