Master is sick Epilogue


Cang Lin sect’s disciples were in an uproar after Mu Xuan shared his life story with the world. He then returned his sword to his Master and left Cang Lin mountain with me.

Walking past the small road where I had met Mu Xuan for the first time, my eyes turned: “When I laid here wanting to die, why didn’t you react like big devil said you would and feel compassion towards me?”

Mu Xuan shot me a glance: “A genuinely starving person would look at me with radiating eyes. Your gaze was truly…….”

 “Truly what?”

Mu Xuan laughed lightly: “Truly as if you wanted to eat me up.”


Guys, this marks the end of the second arc, hope you enjoyed!

As the third arc has already been translated, there is only the last story left now. I quite enjoyed reading the fourth arc, but I won’t be translating it. So anyone interested is very welcome to pick it up!

One thought on “Master is sick Epilogue

  1. thank you for translating this story! I really enjoyed it 😀
    any plans on translating another project?


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